Flag of Chile (photo credit: pixabay) In Chile, constitutional convention will begin work on July 4
24 June 2021
A protester in Santiago holds a sign calling for a 'constitutional assembly for more democracy' [photo credit: Sandra Cuffe/Al Jazeera] Chile Elects its Constitution-Making Body: The Potential and Risks of a Fragmented Convention
31 May 2021
Flag of Chile (photo credit: pixabay) In Chile, independents and candidates aligned to left-wing parties lead constitutional convention election tally
17 May 2021
Santiago, Chile (photo credit: Sarah Stierch/flickr) Chile's senate approves delay to constitution commission elections
6 April 2021
President Sebastián Piñera of Chile (photo credit: G20 Argentina/flickr) Chile may delay constitution assembly election due to pandemic
29 March 2021