President of Chile Sebastián Piñera (photo credit: Anadolu Agency) In Chile, lower house approves impeachment trial of president
10 November 2021
Constitutional Convention delegates celebrate the approval of the rules of procedure (photo credit: Televisión Nacional de Chile) The Constitutional Convention’s rules of procedure: a path of transformative institutionalism in Chile
30 October 2021
Chileans show support for a new constitution (photo credit: The Bubble) In Chile, constitutional convention begins drafting new constitution on second anniversary of social uprising
19 October 2021
The president and vice-president of Chile's Constitutional Convention give an account of the first day of voting surrounded by Convention members (photo credit: Twitter / @josefina_delaf) Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Chile’s Constitutional Convention Decides its Rules of Procedure
25 September 2021
Elisa Loncón, president of Chile's constitutional convention (photo credit: Then24) In Chile, Elisa Loncón, indigenous Mapuche academic and activist, is elected president of constitutional convention
5 July 2021