L-R: incoming president of the Constitutional Convention María Elisa Quinteros, outgoing president Elisa Loncón, and outgoing vice-president Jaime Bassa (photo credit: Javier Torres/AFP/Getty Images) Chilean constitutional convention elects new president
10 January
Photo credit: Alin Andersen via unsplash In the World of Constitution Building in 2021
22 December 2021
Convention delegate Patricia Politzer provides information on public participation mechanisms during the territorial week (photo credit: Twitter / @patriciapolitz) A Balancing Act: Public Participation, Decision-Making, and Freedom of Speech at the Chilean Constitutional Convention
30 November 2021
President of Chile Sebastián Piñera (photo credit: Anadolu Agency) In Chile, lower house approves impeachment trial of president
10 November 2021
Constitutional Convention delegates celebrate the approval of the rules of procedure (photo credit: Televisión Nacional de Chile) The Constitutional Convention’s rules of procedure: a path of transformative institutionalism in Chile
30 October 2021