Parliament of Singapore (photo credit: Jimmy Harris/flickr) Singapore passes constitutional amendment to prevent legal challenges to definition of marriage as between a man and woman
30 November
Torc Mountain, Killarney National Park in Ireland (photo credit: Tommy Bond via unsplash) In Ireland, citizens' assembly on biodiversity loss recommends constitutionalization of environmental human rights and rights of nature
29 November
President Tsai Ing-wen (center) calls for support for the referendum (photo credit: Democratic Progressive Party) In Taiwan, referendum on lowering voting age to 18 fails to meet turnout threshold
28 November
Flag of Sudan (photo credit: OpenClipart-Vectors via pixabay) Op-Ed: the Sudanese Bar Association drafted a transitional constitution. How can it be improved?
25 November
National Assembly of France (photo credit: graham chandler/flickr) In France, first chamber votes in favor of abortion rights constitutional amendment
25 November