In Chile, constitutional council will not carry out consultation with Indigenous peoples

By By Maria Cristina Romero, 28 July 2023
Flag of Chile (photo credit: David_Peterson vis pixabay)
Flag of Chile (photo credit: David_Peterson vis pixabay)
[Original in Spanish] On 26 July, Chile's Constitutional Council voted not to conduct an Indigenous consultation. The issue was addressed after the Government indicated that it was "appropriate" to carry out an Indigenous consultation in this process and that it falls to the Council to execute it, although they clarified that it was "a recommendation." While the delegates of the ruling party voted in favor of its realization, the opposition voted against it and prevailed as the majority in the body. The conviction was reached that "this body lacks constitutional, legal and regulatory powers to carry out an indigenous consultation; and that, therefore, It is not appropriate for this Constitutional Council to carry out such a consultation".
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