In Chile, constitutional council finalizes latest draft of new constitution to be sent to referendum

By Natalia A. Ramos Miranda, 31 October 2023
Flag of Chile (photo credit: railwayfx via Adobe Stock)
Flag of Chile (photo credit: railwayfx via Adobe Stock)
For the second time in just as many years, Chile has a new proposed constitutional rewrite after the congressional council in charge of drafting it approved the final document on [30 October]. The proposal was approved with 33 votes from the 50-member Constitutional Council, dominated by right-wing forces, a radical shift from the previous proposal that was drafted by left-wing and independent constituents and overwhelmingly rejected by voters last September. Voters will take part in a mandatory referendum to approve or reject the new constitutional text on Dec. 17. [...] According to the latest Cadem poll, 51% plan to vote against the new text, while 34% would approve it.
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