In Chile, constitutional council begins debates on draft constitution

15 August 2023
Flag of Chile (photo credit: jorono via pixabay)
Flag of Chile (photo credit: jorono via pixabay)
The Chilean Constitutional Council began [on 14 August debating] the amendments made to the draft of the country's new Constitution, after criticism from some of its members for the delay in the process. There are more than a thousand indications presented to modify the draft prepared by a commission of experts, among them some presented by the extreme right that modify the sense of the original proposal. Among them are the prohibition of abortion in the three causes currently permitted by law: rape, serious malformation of the fetus or danger to the life of the mother. There are also plans to reduce labor guarantees, particularly the right to strike, which would be limited to a prior agreement between workers and employers. [...] [Commission voting is planned] between August 21 and 28. The Constitutional Council, where the ultra-right and the right wing have an absolute majority, must deliver the draft of the new constitution no later than November 7, five months after its installation, and will immediately be dissolved. According to the established calendar, on December 17 a referendum will be held with a mandatory vote to approve or reject the text
Read the full article here: Prensa Latina


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