President Michael Higgins of Ireland (photo credit: UNCTAD/flickr) Ireland will hold citizens' assembly to issue recommendations to legislature on gender equality
8 January 2020
Irish flag (photo credit: pixabay) Ireland will hold referendum on proposal to remove blasphemy law from constitution
10 December 2019
Dublin, Ireland (photo credit: CN/flickr) Ireland unlikely to hold referendum on extending voting rights to citizens outside the state this year
11 October 2019
Minister for the Diaspora and International Development Ciarán Cannon (photo credit: SBS News) In Ireland, October referendum set to determine whether to amend constitution allowing diaspora to vote in presidential elections
20 June 2019
Divorce referendum leaflets (photo credit: Artur Widak-Nur Photo/Getty Images) Ireland passes referendum on a constitutional amendment to ease divorce restrictions
27 May 2019