In Ireland, right to housing referendum unlikely to occur before next elections

13 November 2023
Flag of Ireland (photo credit: David Peterson/pixabay)
Flag of Ireland (photo credit: David Peterson/pixabay)
Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien says that a referendum on a right to housing is unlikely to take place before the local and European elections next year. Speaking in the Dáil on [9 November], Mr O’Brien said the Housing Commission has delivered a report on the proposed constitutional amendment surrounding a right to housing. He said he is currently reviewing the report and that he would bring it to Cabinet with recommendations shortly. [...] Proposals to enshrine the right to housing within the constitution were first started with the Government’s Housing for All plan, which committed to establishing the Housing Commission to look at the matter. Asked when the referendum would be held, Mr O’Brien said that he is aware of the upcoming electoral cycle but he could not see it happening during next year’s local elections.
Read the full article here: The Irish Examiner


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