In Ireland, housing commission to issue differing majority and minority reports on right to housing referendum

By Jack Horgan-Jones, 31 July 2023
Flag of Ireland (photo credit: David Peterson/pixabay)
Flag of Ireland (photo credit: David Peterson/pixabay)
A major split has emerged in the Government’s Housing Commission over proposals for a constitutional referendum on a right to housing, The Irish Times has learned. The commission, which was established to future-proof the State’s housing policy as well as to develop proposals for a referendum, is expected to deliver majority and minority reports on the constitutional question, say multiple sources with knowledge of the body’s deliberations. The divide has led to delays which now mean that the commission is set to miss its target for delivery of its main report on housing policy, which had been due at the end of July. A spokesman said this will be delivered in the third quarter of this year, but sources said it could be October before it is given to the Government. [...] It is now expected that a minority report will be drafted. Concerns have emerged within the commission over the part of the Constitution where an amendment would be placed, and the impact that would have on whether a failure to make good on the provision could be challenged in the courts. There are also concerns among some over the structure of the report as drafted, which contains a single recommended text, as opposed to options for the government to consider. Some members have also expressed doubts over whether all members of the commission have sufficient expertise on constitutional matters to make a satisfactory recommendation – although the report was drafted by a commissioner expert in the area, following consultation with the public and other legal experts.
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