Multiple constitutional referendums under consideration in Ireland

By Ben Scallan, 2 May
Dublin, Ireland (photo credit: Thomas Wilczynski via flickr)
Dublin, Ireland (photo credit: Thomas Wilczynski via flickr)
The government is currently considering multiple constitutional referendums, including on housing, giving non-resident citizens a vote in Presidential elections, and more, Taoiseach Simon Harris has said. In a Parliamentary Question by Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald this week, the Taoiseach was asked about the government’s plans for any future constitutional amendments. “There are various proposals for constitutional reforms under consideration,” he replied, adding that some of the proposed changes “arise from the Programme for Government”. He specified that these would include referendums on “housing” and “extending the franchise at presidential elections to Irish citizens living outside the State”, both of which the coalition parties committed to when the government was first formed four years ago. “Others, such as the EU agreement on a Unified Patent Court, arise from existing legal requirements,” he added.
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