Consolidating the Arab Spring: Constitutional Transition in Egypt and Tunisia

10 June 2013
<p><em><strong>Consolidating the Arab Spring: Constitutional Transitions in Egypt and Tunisia</strong></em> is a collection of research work in a&nbsp; Working Paper Series stemming from the constitution building processes in Egypt and Tunisia in the wake of the Arab Spring. As one of the primary international institutions supporting constitution building in both countries, International IDEA commissioned leading international experts to produce research papers on specific issues of constitutional design on the agenda of the constitutional assemblies of Tunisia and Egypt. <a href=""><em><strong>International IDEA</strong></em>,</a> together with the <a href=""><em><strong>Center for Constitutional Transitions</strong></em></a> at <em><strong>NYU Law (Constitutional Transitions)</strong></em>, has brought these papers together in this Working Paper Series.&nbsp; The papers reflect recent constitutional developments, such as Tunisia’s third draft Constitution (22 April 2013) and Egypt’s post-revolution Constitution, approved by referendum and brought into force on 26 December 2012. This Working Paper Series aims to bring the experience of the Tunisian and Egyptian constitutional transitions to a broader audience, with each paper addressing a specific question of constitutional design.</p><p>
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