Flag of Chad (photo credit: David Peteron/pixabay) In Chad, draft constitution adopted by National Transitional Council, to be submitted to referendum
27 June 2023
N’Djamena, Chad (photo credit: The African Mirror) In Chad, military leader named nation's transitional president
17 October 2022
Chad peace talks in Doha (photo credit: AfricaNews) Chadian delegations in Doha agree to name Qatar as mediator in peace talks
29 March 2022
President of the Transitional Military Council, Mahamat Idriss Déby (photo credit: Tchad24) Chad’s Military Transition Bottleneck and Deadlocks in the Constitution-making Process
29 November 2021
Lieutenant Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, leader of the Guinea coup (photo credit: France 24 / James André) Op-Ed: Denounce Guinea’s coup—and incumbent leaders’ abuses of power
22 September 2021