In Chad, draft constitution adopted by National Transitional Council, to be submitted to referendum

By Carol Valade, 27 June 2023
Flag of Chad (photo credit: David Peteron/pixabay)
Flag of Chad (photo credit: David Peteron/pixabay)
[Original in French] A draft new Constitution proposed by the government was adopted on June 27, 2023 in Ndjamena by 96% of the members of the National Transitional Council (CNT) gathered in the premises of the National Assembly. This text, supposed to establish a return to constitutional order and put an end to the transition that followed the death of former President Idriss Déby, will be submitted to a referendum in the coming months. [...] This is a big step forward in the transition process, according to a minister. [...] But much remains to be done before a referendum scheduled for November: it is necessary to popularize the text, to make it known even in the most remote villages, declared the president of the CNT, Haroun Kabadi.
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