French President Emmanuel Macron at the Citizens' Convention on Climate (CCC) in December 2020 (photo credit: Thibault Camus, AFP) In France, likely delay for climate change referendum after senate amendments
12 May 2021
National Assembly of France (photo credit: graham chandler/flickr) In France, lower house approves proposal to add climate protections to constitution
16 March 2021
President Emmanuel Macron of France (photo credit: Jacques Paquier/flickr) Op-ed: As France explores proportional representation, is it a cure for democratic discontent?
10 December 2020
President Emmanuel Macron of France (photo credit: NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization/flickr) Proposed constitutional amendments to address climate change stall in France
7 December 2020
Noumea, New Caledonia (photo credit: Laurent Gass Photographie/flickr) New Caledonia rejects independence from France in referendum
5 October 2020