In Myanmar, military regime extends state of emergency for additional six months

2 February 2023
Yangon, Myanmar (photo credit: Eugene Phoen via flickr)
Yangon, Myanmar (photo credit: Eugene Phoen via flickr)
Myanmar's military regime on [1 February] announced that it will extend the nationwide state of emergency for another six months, likely delaying [purported] general elections that had been expected by August. [...] A state-owned TV network [said] that the constitutional court had judged that "the extension of the state of emergency is constitutional." Min Aung Hlaing reportedly recommended the extension for two reasons: The [purported] general election must be held in at least half of all electoral districts, and the review of voter rolls must be completed. The National Defense and Security Council unanimously approved the extension because "the security situation is not stable" and "internal and foreign forces are trying to interfere with the [purported] election," Myint Swe, who serves as first vice president and acting president, reportedly said.
Read the full article here: Nikkei Asia


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