Myanmar allows temporary citizens to vote in upcoming constitutional referendum

4 February 2015
©  WikiMedia (Tayzar44)
© WikiMedia (Tayzar44)
<p>Myanmar's legislature, the&nbsp;Assembly of the Union, passed a new law on Monday granting temporary citizens the right to vote in a constitutional referendum later in 2015. The law will enfranchise approximately 1.5 million temporary citizens, known as white card holders because of the temporary ID they are issued.</p><p> Lawmakers&nbsp;passed the legislation by a vote of 328-79, with 19 abstentions. Almost 1 million Rohingya Muslims were stripped of their citizenship when the&nbsp;1982 Citizenship law was passed by the former junta, and they are generally viewed as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Critics of the measure argue the new law will undermine national security. </p>
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