At inaugural meeting, Sri Lankan constitutional council discusses plans for independent commission appointments

By Economy Next, 27 January 2023
Flag of Sri Lanka (photo credit: kaufdex/pixabay)
Flag of Sri Lanka (photo credit: kaufdex/pixabay)
Sri Lanka’s Constitutional Council has held its first meeting after parliament approved three civil society representatives through provisions of the 21st amendment to the constitution. The 21st amendment sought to re-instate the constitutional council which is tasked with making several senior public service appointments giving at least partial independence to the public service. [...] Future activities of the council along with the mandate of the Constitutional Council stipulated in the constitution and the other laws were discussed at the meeting, the statement said. [...] A newspaper advertisement will be published calling for applications for Members of the Election Commission, the Public Service Commission, the National Police Commission, the Audit Service Commission, the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka, the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption, the Finance Commission and the Delimitation Commission and the National Procurement Commission. “The Constitutional Council unanimously agreed to discharge duties and functions of the Council in an independent, accountable and transparent manner,” [a statement from the Constitutional Council] said.
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