Egypt's new MPs vow to amend two-term limit in constitution

By Ahram Online, 4 November 2015
Egypt's parliament (photo credit: Al-Ahram)
Egypt's parliament (photo credit: Al-Ahram)
<p>Candidates who won seats in the first stage of Egypt's ‎parliamentary elections began on Tuesday to obtain their ‎parliamentary membership cards and some of them have already revealed their intent to make some crucial ammendments to the 2014 Constitution. ‎</p><p>Out of 213 candidates who won seats in the first stage, ‎held between 17 and 28 October in 14 governorates, as ‎many as 60 candidates arrived at the headquarters ‎of the Egyptian lower house parliament - or the House ‎of Representatives - to obtain their parliamentary ‎membership cards.‎</p><p>Parliament's secretary-general Khaled Al-Sadr, a former ‎army general, told reporters that each MP would be ‎obliged to fill a special membership form, giving a ‎detailed statement about his personal life and career.‎</p>
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