Chile's journey towards a constituent assembly

By Bruno Sommer Catalán , 19 November 2014
Members of the Marca Tu Voto (Mark Your Vote) campaign. (
Members of the Marca Tu Voto (Mark Your Vote) campaign rally in Santiago, November 2013. (
<p>Citizen initiatives for the adoption of a new constitution by means of a Constituent Assembly (AC) are gaining ground in Chile.</p><p>The conservative right is the fiercest opponent of the political proposal presented by thousands of social organisations that, without the backing of an institutional mechanism in the process of drawing up a new social contract, have already started out on their constituent journey.</p> <p>The discussion over the imperative need for a Constituent Assembly in Chile has managed to overcome the media blackout and find its place at the centre of national political debate.</p> <p>The reason for the media’s silence is that reforms could seriously undermine the interests of the national oligarchy.</p><div>[toc hidden:1]</div>
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