Challenges to Sierra Leone’s constitutional review

By Karamoh Kabba, 7 May 2014
An opposition T-shirt
An opposition T-shirt
<p>The people of Sierra Leone have agreed on a review of their 1991 Constitution. But in this small West African nation of about 6 million people, no one foresaw the problems that have arisen from the review process.</p><p>In the build-up to its civil conflict (1992-2002), political analysts maintain that late President Joseph Saidu Momoh commissioned the formulation of the 1991 Constitution, which focused on reinstating a multi-party system in Sierra Leone, mainly to avert the looming conflict then. His efforts were fruitless. The dissenters’ plan to take power by force was well underway and the rebel war that ensued thereafter would rage for 11 years.</p>
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