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Constitutional history of

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France colonizes French Sudan


French Sudan becomes the Sudanese Republic and a member of the French Community


Federation of Mali formed

17 Jan. 1959

Senegalese Republic constitution passed

21-22 Jan.1959

Federation of Mali constitution passed

20 Jun. 1960

Federation of Mali becomes independent

22 Sep. 1960

Republic of Mali becomes independent, and constitution passed; Modibo Keïta is the President

22 Aug.1967

The National Committee for the Defence of the Revolution takes control of the government

17 Jan. 1968

National Assembly dissolved

19 Nov. 1968

Military coup with Moussa Traoré as President; 1960 Constitution abrogated creating the 1968 Ordinances

Aug. 1969 & Apr. 1971 

Rebellions suppressed


President Traoré announces draft constitution


Constitution draft approved by the Military Committee for National Liberation

2 June 1974

New constitution approved


Traoré re-elected

1980 & 1990

Student protests suppressed

1 Jan. 1991

Agreement to Cease Hostilities between Mali and the Popular Movement of the Azawad

26 Mar. 1991

Military coup; Amadou Toumani Touré is President for the transition

29 Jul.-12 Aug. 1991 

National Conference to create the 1992 Constitution

12 Jan.1992  

Approval of new constitution by referendum

11 Apr.1992

National Pact between the Mali Government and the Movement and Unified Fronts of the Azawad

8 Jun.1992

Alpha Oumar Konaré elected as President


 Amadou Toumani Touré re-elected

2 Aug. 2011

National Assembly approves constitutional referendum

30 Dec. 2011

Protests opposing the referendum

22 Mar. 2012

Military coup led by Amadou Sanogo; Constitution suspended but later reinstated

12 Apr. 2012

Dioncounda Traoré appointed as interim president

29 Apr. 2012

Referendum and legislative elections planned

11 Aug. 2013

Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta elected as President

1 Mar. 2015

Republic of Mali and the Signatory Movements in Algiers of the Roadmap of 24 July 2014 signed an agreement for peace in Northern Mali

2 Jun. 2017

National Assembly of Mali approved a bill to amend the 1992 Constitution with a referendum on 9 July but indefinitely delayed on 21 June


Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta re-elected as President

18 Aug. 2020

Military coup

12 Sep. 2020

Transitional charter adopted

21 Sep. 2020

Bah Ndaw appointed as President, Goïta appointed as Vice-President

27 Sep. 2020

Moctar Ouane appointed as Prime Minister

24 May 2021

Cabinet reshuffle; Ndaw and Ouane arrested on Goïta’s orders

7 Jun. 2021

Goïta sworn in as interim president

11 Jun. 2021

New military-dominated cabinet announced