Advertisement for public comments on land expropriation bill (photo credit: In South Africa, ad hoc committee approves land expropriation bill
7 September 2021
Constitutional Court of South Africa (photo credit: eNCA) In South Africa, constitutional court to hear electoral commission application to postpone local government elections
17 August 2021
Parliament building in South Africa (photo credit: In South Africa, opposition introduces bill to give provincial premiers the power to call referendums
28 June 2021
2016 local government elections in South Africa (photo credit: GovernmentZA/flickr) South Africa's electoral commission says there is no constitutional provision that allows for postponing elections
7 April 2021
2016 elections in South Africa (photo credit: GovernmentZA/flickr) Op-ed: South Africa's time for electoral reform may have arrived
22 March 2021