In South Africa, president suggests country should evaluate whether constitution still serves citizens

22 March
Flag of South Africa (photo credit: Positive_Images via pixabay)
Flag of South Africa (photo credit: Positive_Images via pixabay)
South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on [22 March] said the country's 26-year-old Constitution should be scrutinised to see how well it has served the aspirations of its citizens. Ramaphosa was speaking at the national conference on the Constitution titled "Reflections and the Road Ahead". [...] He asserted that there is a need to relook at the Constitution, with the aim of evaluating whether it has served the citizens well or whether it had hindered steps toward addressing the injustices of the past. [...] Ramaphosa, 69, set the tone for discussion by delegates at the conference as he called on them to reflect on issues such as electoral reforms and governance and transformation of the economy. "The Constitution places on all institutions of state a responsibility to take those measures necessary to build a society that is in nearly all respects different from the society that came before," he added. 
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