United Kingdom to respond to Cayman Islands following constitutional talks

13 December 2018
photo credit: Roger W/flickr
photo credit: Roger W/flickr
The United Kingdom Government has committed to formally responding to talks held on December 7 - December 10 surrounding changes to Cayman’s constitution. The Cayman Islands sought these discussions because of a breach of convention and possible constitutional overreach in May this year when the House of Commons legislated for the British Overseas Territories in the area of domestic policy. Prior to the meeting the Cayman Islands Government provided the FCO with proposed constitutional changes in draft form. These proposals had the backing of both the Cayman Islands Government and Opposition and formed the basis for the discussions. In addition to addressing the principal concern, the opportunity was also taken to seek a small number of administrative changes to the current Constitution Order to improve the operations of the local government and legislature. During the talks the majority of the proposed changes were agreed in principle whilst the remainder are still under consideration by the UK. UK officials listened and genuinely sought to be helpful whilst asserting that the UK’s interests and its ability to ultimately legislate for its territories must remain paramount. The UK committed to formally responding to the Cayman Islands in the coming weeks.
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