In Thailand, new majority coalition signs memorandum of understanding including plan to rewrite constitution

By Tommy Walker, 25 May 2023
Flag of Thailand (photo credit: Peggy_Marco via pixabay)
Flag of Thailand (photo credit: Peggy_Marco via pixabay)
Members of Thailand’s eight-party coalition that won a majority of seats in Thailand’s general election May 14 have officially agreed to work together, listing their new policies as they look to lead the country's next government. Led by the Move Forward Party, or MFP, the political parties signed a memorandum of understanding, consisting of nearly two dozen terms and conditions they wish to pursue, including teams to work out any differences among the parties. [...] The joint memorandum of understanding states all parties agree to not affect Thailand’s status as a state, a democracy under a constitutional monarchy, or the status of the monarchy itself. Included in the 23-policy list is a focus to restore democracy and draft a new constitution, pass a marriage equality act, reform the police, military, and the justice process, revive the economy and combat corruption.
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