In Sri Lanka, minister states draft constitution will be presented to parliament in January 2022

By EconomyNext, 8 November 2021
Flag of Sri Lanka (photo credit: pixabay)
Flag of Sri Lanka (photo credit: pixabay)
Work on Sri Lanka’s proposed new constitution has been finalised and what is to be the country’s new supreme law will be ready for parliamentary perusal come January 2022, according to Foreign Minister G L Peiris. [...] “It is a convoluted (vyhaakoola) process. To do this, the president appointed a committee comprising some of the best known lawyers and intellectuals in the country,” he added. The committee, chaired by president’s counsel Romesh de Silva, has fulfilled its mandate and the draft constitution will be ready by the end of the year once it has been through the Legal Draftsman’s Department, the minister said.
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