Spain: What's next after Catalonia vote?

By Patrice De Beer, 12 November 2014
Demotix/Jose_Hinojosa. All rights reserved.
Demotix/Jose_Hinojosa. All rights reserved.
<p class="Standard"><span>Rajoy's iron-fisted approach to the Catalan question has only made the independence movement stronger. Now he must negotiate or risk losing Catalonia for good.</span></p><p class="Standard">Catalan nationalists finally got what they wanted. 2.3 million people voted on Sunday, November 9 for or against independence in an unofficial poll which had been declared illegal by Madrid. 80% voted for independence for the autonomous region, 10% for more autonomy within Spain and 4.5% for the status quo. These are the bare results which have enabled the pro-independence movement to claim victory.</p>
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