In Singapore, parliament passes constitutional amendment raising quantum of fines threshold to disqualify MPs

By Daryl Choo, 10 May 2022
Parliament of Singapore (photo credit: Jimmy Harris/flickr)
Parliament of Singapore (photo credit: Jimmy Harris/flickr)
Parliament on Monday (May 9) passed amendments to the Constitution which will raise the threshold for Members of Parliament (MP) to be disqualified after receiving unanimous support across the House.  If the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore (Amendment) Bill is agreed to by the President, an MP will be disqualified from his position if he is fined at least S$10,000, up from the current S$2,000, among other tweaks to the legislation. This will be the first time the fine quantum has been revised since Singapore’s independence and was tabled as part of the Elections Department’s (ELD) review of the country’s electoral processes and legislation. [...] In a statement accompanying the introducing of the amendment Bill on Feb 4, ELD said that the changes were to ensure that the fine quantum for disqualification of an MP accounts for inflation and corresponds to the sentences handed down for offences "relevant to the integrity of the person" in Singapore, such as tax evasion and corruption.
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