In Saint Lucia, prime minister denies opposition claim of constitutional amendment that restricts prime minister eligibility to individuals born in Saint Lucia

20 November 2023
Saint Lucian Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre (photo credit: CDB via The Loop)
Saint Lucian Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre (photo credit: CDB via The Loop)
Prime Minister Philip J Pierre has vehemently denied the Opposition's recent claim that the government intends to amend the constitution such that only individuals born in Saint Lucia may hold the position of Prime Minister. [...] "The Opposition is desperate because the people of Saint Lucia have rejected them. They have chosen not to engage in any constructive discussions on constitutional reform," Pierre asserted. According to the Prime Minister, a letter was extended to the Leader of the Opposition, inviting him to nominate two representatives to partake in parliamentary discussions on constitutional reform and regrettably, no response was received. Pierre emphasized that there have been no discussions within the government regarding changes to the constitution. He highlighted the complexity of amending such a foundational document, stating, "Changing the constitution is not a simple matter, and it requires careful consideration and broad consensus."
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