Proposed constitutional amendment in Malta seeks to tackle corruption by altering appointment procedure

By Jurgen Balzan, 8 July
Flag of Malta (photo credit: Kaufdex via pixabay)
Flag of Malta (photo credit: Kaufdex via pixabay)
The Nationalist Party has introduced a bill in Parliament aimed at overhauling the appointment process for Malta’s Police Commissioner, a move that comes amid ongoing controversies surrounding the current police chief, Angelo Gafà. Shadow ministers Darren Carabott and Karol Aquilina presented the draft law on Monday, proposing a multi-step selection process that would require a two-thirds majority vote in Parliament for the appointment of the Police Commissioner. This change would effectively grant the position security of tenure and elevate its status to that of other high-ranking officials such as the President of Malta, Chief Justice, and Auditor General. The bill also seeks to entrench this appointment method in the Constitution, preventing future governments from reverting to the current system through a simple majority vote. This initiative comes against a backdrop of mounting criticism of the current Police Commissioner, Angelo Gafà, whose tenure has been marred by allegations of inaction on high-profile corruption cases.
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