In Peru, president ousted after attempt to dissolve parliament and form emergency government, stating intention to initiate process for new constitution

8 December 2022
Congress of Peru (photo credit: Peruvian Congress)
Congress of Peru (photo credit: Peruvian Congress)
Peru's Vice President Dina Boluarte was sworn in Wednesday as the country's new president after Congress voted out Pedro Castillo.   After hours of uncertainty and wrangling between the legislature and the president, Boluarte took the oath as Peru's first-ever female leader — and Castillo was arrested. During a session in Congress, Boluarte said she was taking office from now until July 26, 2026, when Castillo's term would have ended.  [....Earlier,] in a televised address, Castillo announced a curfew and said he would form an emergency government that would rule by decree. The comments came just hours before the legislature was due to debate a motion of impeachment against him. "Elections will be called for a new Congress with constituent powers to prepare a new Constitution within a period of no more than nine months," Castillo said. His move was immediately denounced as a coup, and parliament voted to remove Castillo, who was barely 18 months into a five-year term.
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