In Peru, attorney general files constitutional complaint against president

By Marco Aquino and Marcelo Rochabrun, 17 October 2022
President of Peru Pedro Castillo (photo credit: Reuters)
President of Peru Pedro Castillo (photo credit: Reuters)
Peru's attorney general [...] filed a so-called constitutional complaint against President Pedro Castillo, opening a new legal battle that opposition forces hope could lead to his ouster. Castillo already faces five criminal investigations into whether he has used the presidency to benefit himself and has survived two impeachment attempts in just over a year in office. Castillo denies any wrongdoing and vowed [...] to finish his term in 2026.  "We have found very serious indications of a criminal organization that has taken roots in the government," said attorney general Patricia Benavides. [...] Some, however, think the constitutional complaint could lead to Castillo's suspension with fewer votes in the opposition-controlled Congress than a formal impeachment vote. But Prime Minister Aníbal Torres said the constitutional complaint was unconstitutional in its own right, setting the stage for a legal battle over the limits of the mechanism.
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