In Pakistan, supreme court rules PM's actions unconstitutional; orders parliament to reconvene and hold no-confidence vote

By Asif Shahzad and Syed Raza Hassan, 8 April 2022
Supreme Court of Pakistan (photo credit: AP)
Supreme Court of Pakistan (photo credit: AP)
Pakistan's Supreme Court ruled on [7 April] that Prime Minister Imran Khan's move to dissolve parliament was unconstitutional and ordered lawmakers to return, a decision that could spell the end of his premiership as soon as Friday. The former cricket star had moved to break up the lower chamber ahead of a no-confidence vote against him that he had looked destined to lose. The court said in its judgment that the vote should now go ahead. [...] When opposition parties united against Khan last week to push for the no-confidence motion, the deputy speaker of parliament, a member of Khan's party, threw out the motion, ruling it was part of a foreign conspiracy and unconstitutional. Khan then dissolved parliament. [The] ruling in the capital Islamabad could spell the premature end of Khan's tenure in a country where no elected leader has finished their full term in office.
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