Op-ed: A new Sri Lankan Constitution: What’s in it for young people?

9 February 2016
Sri Lankan youth (photo credit: Daily FT)
Sri Lankan youth (photo credit: Daily FT)
<p><span>Sri Lanka’s grey-haired rulers have promised to architect a new constitution for the Republic. What is in it for us, young people? What are our priorities? While there may be things that we’re divided on amongst ourselves, are there a few things we could advocate for, together?&nbsp;</span><span>How can we ensure that this isn’t a process dominated by the old and that the youth aren’t ‘engaged’ in a show of tokenism – to give the bulath atha (betel leaves sheaf) and to hang garlands around necks of our veteran politicians in whose mighty hands the ultimate discretion over decision-making lies? &nbsp;</span></p>
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