In Nigeria, lawmakers will vote electronically on constitutional amendment

By James Kwen, 18 February 2022
Nigerian House of Representatives (photo credit: @houseNGR)
Nigerian House of Representatives (photo credit: @houseNGR)
Members of the House of Representatives will vote electronically during the consideration of the report on the constitution amendment which could be laid in the next few weeks. [...] The House of Representatives Chamber was digitised in September 2020 but after initial unsuccessful trials, the device was not used till now. The Speaker had at the inspection of e-chamber said the innovation would help in quality legislation and enable Nigerians hold their representatives accountable when it comes to voting. Gbajabiamila had said the devices have the constitution uploaded, code of conduct, legislative agenda, the order paper, motions and other documents for the benefit of all members to follow discussions. “It has the capacity for members to research issues on the floor, there’s a search engine that is dedicated for that purpose, you can quickly research whatever information or reference that you’re trying to do research about.
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