In Mexico, president wins recall referendum amid low turnout

By BBC News, 12 April
Flag of Mexico (photo credit: DavidRockDesign / pixabay)
Flag of Mexico (photo credit: DavidRockDesign / pixabay)
Mexico's President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has won a referendum on whether he should step down or complete his six-year term. More than 90% of those who cast their votes said they wanted the president to stay in office, a quick count suggests. But turnout was low at less than 19%, according to preliminary figures. [...] In order to be binding, at least 40% of voters would have had to cast their ballots, an unlikely turnout in this first recall referendum to be held in Mexico. Opponents of the divisive president labelled it as a waste of money and urged Mexicans to boycott it [...] Some critics of the president feared that he may try to use an overwhelming victory in the recall referendum to pave the way for lifting Mexico's one-time presidential term limit [but] Mr López Obrador stressed he had no intention of staying in power beyond the end of his term in 2024.
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