Mali representative states at UN Security Council meeting that transitional timeline for constitutional referendum and elections will be respected

By Madjissembaye Ngardinon, 30 January 2023
Flag of Mali (Photo credit: Flickr)
Flag of Mali (Photo credit: Flickr)
[Original in French] The Malian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Abdoulaye Diop, assured the United Nations Security Council on [27 January] that the timetable established by the transitional government for the return of Mali to constitutional order in February 2024 will be respected. [...] After the coup of August 18, 2020, a political transition has been underway in Mali since September 15, 2020. Previously set at 18 months, it was extended until February 2024 thanks to a decree extending the duration of the transition to 24 months, starting March 26, 2022. The new timetable provides, among other things, the constitutional referendum for next March and the two presidential rounds (if the second proves necessary) for February 2024.
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