In Malaysia, prime minister to propose constitutional amendment granting citizenship to children of Malaysian women born abroad

By Bernama, 10 July 2023
Flag of Malaysia (photo credit: adamlapunik via pixabay)
Flag of Malaysia (photo credit: adamlapunik via pixabay)
Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim will present the proposed amendments to the Federal Constitution to the Conference of Malay Rulers soon, in a bid to solve the citizenship issue plaguing the overseas-born children of Malaysian women with foreign spouses. [...] “The law stated that citizenship is given to children whose father is a citizen; it doesn't include the mother. So we want both parents to be included in the Constitution... it's not fair to have just the father (stated in the Constitution) but not the mother. That's all the matter to be presented," he told reporters after opening the International Malaysian Law Conference 2023 in Kuala Lumpur today. Anwar said the proposed constitutional amendments are expected to be tabled in Parliament in September. Earlier in his speech, Anwar said on the plight of stateless persons, the home ministry has received numerous citizenship requests under Article 15(A) of the Federal Constitution which underscore the urgent need for action.
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