Honduran Opposition Not Giving Up on Presidential-Reelection Ban

By Elena Toledo, 30 April 2015
(photo credit: TeleSur TV)
(photo credit: TeleSur TV)
<p data-lf-anchor-id="8f852c4dff9942dd3b89994745034757:0" class="lf-text-block lf-block">Honduras faces a complex political scenario, after the Supreme Court on Thursday, April 23,&nbsp;<a target="_blank" href="http://panampost.com/elena-toledo/2015/04/24/honduras-supreme-court-paves-way-to-presidential-reelection/">repealed</a>&nbsp;two articles of the Constitution which banned presidential reelection&nbsp;— the issue at the heart of the 2009 coup that ousted&nbsp;former President Manuel Zelaya. Opposition groups have called the move to allow former presidents to once again run for the highest office in the country an “abuse of power.”</p>
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