Final report from Wales constitutional commission explores pathways to further devolution, federalism, or independence

By Gareth Lewis and Adrian Browne, 22 January
Flag of Wales (photo credit: terimakasih0 via pixabay)
Flag of Wales (photo credit: terimakasih0 via pixabay)
The commission, a Labour Senedd election manifesto commitment, was set up by the Welsh government in 2021. It is co-chaired by Prof Laura McAllister and former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams and the panel included figures from the four main political parties. Prof McAllister said it was vital that the report "acts as an impetus for change for the people of Wales in the future and we want the conversation to continue". [...] The report, published on [18 January], calls choosing which path to follow a balance between risk and opportunity. It acknowledges none of the three options are entirely in the gift of the people of Wales or the Welsh Parliament as each requires UK government involvement. [...] The commission does not support any one option, but concludes that: Enhanced devolution - increasing the powers controlled by the Welsh government - is a lower risk on cost grounds, economic stability and public finances, but "runs the risk of continued relatively poor economic performance, low incomes and poverty". There would also have to be a review of funding and reform of the House of Lords to guarantee a formal voice for the UK's nations and regions A federal UK - where each nation is treated on an equal basis - is potentially the most complicated option and depends partly on broad public support for greater devolution to the regions of England, which is not presently there Independence would mean "hard choices in the short to medium term," but would grant the power to "devise policies which reflect the priorities of the people of Wales". It notes that it took Ireland 50 years and EU membership to grow its economy to match the UK's.
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