In Ecuador, ten questions approved by the constitutional court for 2024 popular consultation and referendum

9 February
Constitutional Court of Ecuador (photo credit: AA)
Constitutional Court of Ecuador (photo credit: AA)
[Original in Spanish]. 10 out of the 20 questions proposed by President Daniel Noboa for the popular consultation and referendum in Ecuador have received approval and will be put forward for consideration by Ecuadorians in March of this year, according to Government forecasts. Six questions successfully passed constitutional control on January 26, 2024, while another four were approved on the same day but required further review. On February 5, 2024, they were given the green light, signifying that the referendum issues were appropriately addressed. The topics encompass increased control by the Armed Forces over weapons and security measures, heightened penalties for various crimes, sentencing of prisoners, regulation of possession and use of firearms, state use of assets of illicit or unjustified origin, extradition laws and international cooperation, establishment of specialized judiciary in constitutional matters, recognition of international arbitration, and regulation of employment contracts.
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