Colombia holds landmark anti-corruption referendum

27 August 2018
photo credit: Eduardo Zárate/flickr
photo credit: Eduardo Zárate/flickr
Colombians are heading to the polls to vote in a landmark referendum on tougher anti-corruption laws, two months after choosing Ivan Duque as their new president. Polls opened across the country on Sunday for voters to respond with a "yes" or "no" to seven proposals that seek to punish public and private corruption and guarantee accountability. If passed, the changes could see Congress members' salaries lowered by 40 percent, force politicians to declare their income, affect term limits, enforce mandatory jail sentences for corruption and change the way public contracts are awarded in the country. Voters can return a different answer on each separate measure. Each question requires a "yes" vote from at least 50 percent plus one of valid ballots to pass, and no less than a third of the 36 million registered voters must have voted.
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