In Bhutan, the National Assembly withdraws bill on impeachment procedure

By Tshering Palden, 20 February 2020
Thimphu, Bhutan (photo credit: Antonio Morales García/flickr)
Thimphu, Bhutan (photo credit: Antonio Morales García/flickr)
The National Assembly yesterday withdrew the Impeachment Procedure Bill 2019 after the National Council resent the Bill to the House and reasserting the importance of the Bill. [ . . . ] Tshewang Lhamo said that Bill would be inappropriate at the moment as the constitutional offices are held by capable persons selected for best candidates and appointed by His Majesty The King. “If the holders of the constitutional offices are to be impeached on the basis of law, it poses a risk of contravening with our old age tradition,” she said. The committee also proposed that the Bill be drafted and consolidated with a provision of no-confidence votes against the government in future and at an appropriate time.
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