Albanian president says parliamentary impeachment investigation committee is unconstitutional

By AP, 20 May 2021
President of Albania Ilir Meta (photo credit: Balkan Insight)
President of Albania Ilir Meta (photo credit: Balkan Insight)
Albania's president has refused to appear before a parliamentary committee that is investigating whether he should be impeached. Lawmakers have this month begun proceedings against President Ilir Meta, who they accuse of violating the country's constitution. But President Meta sent a 28-page document to parliament in which he said the investigative committee lacked legitimacy. Meta added that he would continue performing his duties while "ignoring any request coming from an anti-constitutional and illegal institution". Fifty lawmakers from the governing left-wing Socialist Party have asked parliament to launch an investigation into Meta. They have claimed that the President failed in his constitutional duty to guarantee national unity by siding with the opposition before the April 25 parliamentary election. [...] Meta has argued that because the parliament elected last month has not convened, the outgoing assembly is ineligible to conduct such investigation activities during a transition period.
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