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In 2015 International IDEA developed three whiteboard animation videos seeking to contribute to civic education in support of constitution-building processes. These videos explain the basic concepts of constitutionalism and constitution building to non-specialist audiences, with an emphasis on helping citizens to understand what a constitution is and does, how constitutions are made, and why the constitution is relevant to their lives.

International IDEA has now developed two additional whiteboard animation videos explaining what federalism is and why federalism could be a good option in particular settings. These videos explain the core components of a federal constitution, and some of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing such a system.

The videos are designed to be viewed online and shared through social media, but could also be used in more structured settings, such as a workshop or seminar, to provide a good general introduction to the subject on which to base further discussions or activities.

Why Federalism?

What is Federalism?

Making and Amending the 2008 Constitution of Myanmar


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