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Women Members of the Constituent Assembly: A study on contribution of women in constitution making in Nepal

The election of 197 women to the Constituent Assembly of Nepal was a historic achievement and raised hopes with regard to ensuring gender equality in the constitution-building process. The elected women members comprise almost 33 per cent of the 601 members and include old-time politicians, women activists, professionals, former combatants and war widows.

This book presents the stories of the women Constituent Assembly members, which reflect their struggles, their hopes and their perseverance in struggling to bring equality to Nepali society. Their stories include journeys from battlefields to politics and from student politics to national politics, transformations from oppressed village girl to prominent politician, and life-long engagements in political movements, social work or professional life.

The contents: 

Executive Summary 
About this Book

Part 1 History of the Women’s Movement in Nepal
Chapter 1. Women's Contribution to Nepali Politics

Part 2 Women in the Constituent Assembly
Chapter 2. Study Design
Chapter 3. Background of the Women CA Members
Chapter 4. Role
Chapter 5. Challenges
Chapter 6. Achievements and Future Plans of Women CA members
Chapter 7. Conclusion
Appendix 1

Part 3. Biographies of the 197 Women in the CA


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