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Malta: A Review of The Constitution of Malta at Fifty: Rectification or Redesign?

The aim of this review is to consider what lessons may be learnt about Malta’s constitution making from the experience of the last fifty years, and to propose improvements to the Constitution as a baseline document for further consideration by a national Constitutional Convention. It addresses key issues on constitutional reform, as outlined in the current government’s electoral manifesto. 

The report reflects a set of ideas, options, approaches, conclusions and recommendations advanced by the Lead Author Michael Frendo. While individual Board members may or may not necessarily agree with every iota of the report, the Board as a whole considers it to be well-founded and worthy of consideration by government, senior policy-makers, the broader policy community and civil society as a whole. It is therefore published by The Today Public Policy Institute in the hope that it will help to stimulate a wide public dialogue and subsequent policy decisions and action by government. 

The report is laid out in six Parts:

PART I: Constitutional Principles.

PART II: Consideration of Major Institutional Issues.

PART III: Other Institutional Issues.a review of the constitution of malta at fifty

PART IV: Political Issues.

PART V: Conclusions: Rectification or Redesign?

PART VI: The Way Forward: Recommendations for a Constitutional Convention.

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