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Constitutional Reform Processes and Political Parties. Principles for Practice, International IDEA and NIMD - 2012

This publication provides a set of guiding principles for constitutional reform based on practical experiences of constitutional reform processes in a number of countries (Bolivia, Ghana, Indonesia, Iraq, Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa).

While the primary focus of the publication is on the role of political parties in constitution-building processes, the publication is also of relevance to other actors involved in similar processes as it provides the reader with an overview of common phases, characteristics, challenges and guiding principles that may be customised to country specific contexts.

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This publication is also available in Arabic, French, and Portuguese

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The Contents





  1. Constitutional reforms and guiding principles
  2. Constitutional reforms in democratisation
  3. Constitutional reform and political parties
  4. Constitutional reform in practice: Case studies

    Ghana , Kenya , Malawi , Zimbabwe , Bolivia , Indonesia , 
    Iraq ,  South Africa  ,  Conclusions

  5. Constitutional reform in phases

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International IDEA, NIMD

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