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The Constitution of Afghanistan

According to the Bonn Agreement, a new constitution was requested to be drafted within eighteen months from the establishment of the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan. A commission of legal scholars was assigned by His Excellency, Hamid Karzai, President of the Transitional Islamic State of Afghanistan, to draft a new constitution. The Drafting Commission prepared the Constitution with the aid of the Consitutional Review Commission, while paying attention to the realities of present-day Afghanistan, including political, religious, social, cultural and economic aspects.  They did so with access to the country's previous constitutions as well as a study of other nations' Constitutions, in particular Islamic nations.  This Constitution includes chapters on the State, the fundamental rights and duties of citizens, the President, the government, the National Assembly, the Grand Assembly, the Judiciary, the Administration, a state of emergency, Amendments, and transitional provisions.

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