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Annual Review of Constitution-Building Processes: 2014

This second Annual Review of Constitution-Building Processes describes the key issues underlying constitutional transitions in 2014. It features chapters on women and constitution-building; constitution-building in Libya and Yemen; exclusionary constitutionalism in Chile and Hungary; secessionist movements; federalism and regionalism; constitutional term limits; and debates on the use of war powers.

It provides a broad and accurate picture of the state of constitution-building in 2014, and serves to underscore the importance of constitution-building processes as both conflict-mediation and conflict-prevention tools; the sometimes divisive norm- and identity-creation functions of constitutions; and the challenges these factors pose for women, minorities and territorially concentrated populations.

Produced by International IDEA’s Constitution-Building Processes Programme in collaboration with respected experts in the field of constitution-building, the aim of this annual series is to provide detailed overviews of the most significant constitutional events over the course of each year, exploring their relevance to—and interactions with—wider political contexts and trends.

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