Constitution Assessment for Women’s Equality (CAWE)

Gender equality is a cornerstone of a democratic and just society, and International IDEA is committed to supporting democratic processes that empower women. The constitution-building process provides an extraordinary opportunity for women and gender-equality advocates to participate in the framing of democratic institutions.

The Constitution Assessment for Women’s Equality helps users analyse a constitution or draft constitution from the perspective of the substantive equality of women. Using a series of questions, short explanations and example provisions from constitutions around the world, the Assessment guides a user through an examination of the most critical constitutional issues that affect women’s rights and gender equality.

This Assessment is designed for gender-equality advocates as well as those who are engaging in the topic of women’s constitutional rights for the first time, whether as members of a constituent assembly, constitutional drafters, civil society members or concerned individuals. Since gender equality affects the quality of democracy and society as a whole, the Assessment is a resource for both men and women.

The CAWE is available in English, Nepalese, and Myanmar language. It can be downloaded and used directly by individuals or groups, but is best utilized in a facilitated discussion setting where it can be used as a springboard for discussion.

For more information on how to conduct a CAWE training contact International IDEA.